Personality Structure

Our base personality type is built with or shortly after birth and stays the same for all our life. Each of us represents one of the following base personality types: Harmoniser, Thinker, Persister, Imaginer, Promoter or Rebel. None of those types is better or worse than another, nor more or less intelligent. Each of these types has got strengths and weaknesses, shows positive attitudes and, under distress, non-productive behaviour. The better we know about our psychological needs, the better we can satisfy them by interacting constructively.

Each of us holds a bigger or smaller part of all the positive characteristics of those six personality types and this is demonstrated by using the metaphor of a 6 floor condominium.


Our base floor mostly determines our preferred way of perceiving the world and of communicating, our character strengths and our preferred interaction style.

Our phase defines our primary psychological needs as well as our non-productive behaviour under distress.
For one third of the people base and phase are just the same. Two third of the persons have undergone what PCM calls a phase change and give account of new psychological needs and a changed behaviour under distress compared to their base personality type.

all 6 in one line holding on their hands